Falling for Love

Check out this fun BobbyLove.Fashion shoot video with glorious sound. Featuring Bonnie Morgan, Suzy & Gary Morgan, Molly Morgan and Bobby Love. Photos by Star Foreman from LA Weekly Magazine, videos by Kelli Kickham. Special thanks to the Flying Morgans, Aaron Jacobs, Joe, CY Kwan, Johanna Pinksu Marjomaa, Shannon Hodge, Milliron Studio, Hutcha, Wayne Moore and our amazing friends. #BobbyLoveCouture #bendybonnie #theMollyMorgan #theGaryMorgan

Posted by BobbyLove.Fashion on Friday, January 12, 2018

Pirates and Mermaids Dreams

Celebrating birthday with new video release "Pirates and Mermaids Dreams". Enjoy! Select audio for glorious sound. Special thanks to Michelle Long, John Barrowman, Star Foreman, Bonnie Morgan, Gary Morgan, Suzy Morgan, Molly Morgan, Shawn Strider, Concetta Marie Verna, Aaron Jacobs, Teddy Jacobs, Sandra Rozar, Leslie Jordan, Susana Gutierrez, Rod Kindlund, Joe Alcala, Captain Morgan E. Griffin, Serendipity Whippo, Jack Yang, Kansas Johnson, CY Kwan, Shannon Hoage, Mark Hoage, Christopher Hoage, Matt Kollar, Gary Verholtz, Deborah Tucker Verholtz, Michael Burian, Jim Pool, Joe Kalada, Richard Michael Johnson, Christina A. Zankowski Dupont, Tyler Milliron, Bobby Almon, Michael Gonzalez, The Frame Guy, Merce Chavez, Simone Strauss, Jonathan Vega, Leonato August, Ronnie Rodriguez, Shelby Flowers, Danny Huynh, Van Anh Le, Trang Le, Tina Tran, Asian Fusion, Sherry De Ambershay, Valefor De Ambershay, Simpson Ho, Sherry Cullum Frye, Rosie Rumpsa, Hawk McNally, Ash Smith, Eiraina Schmolesky, Long Beach Carnavale, Pirates and Mermaid Invasion, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, Avant Garde Magazine, Mutiny Magazine, LA Weekly Magazine, OC Weekly Magazine. Bobby Love

Posted by BobbyLove.Fashion on Monday, July 10, 2017

Where Fantasies Reign

Click for glorious sound in video!!! In celebration of the Opening of the Spectacular SoCal Renaissance Pleasure Faire on 4/8/17 here is a fun video capturing some of the best Faire moments and amazing old and new friends. Come frolick at RenFaire and visit us Flying Morgans at Morgan Games. Will be a blast!!! Bobby Love Special thanks to Lee Presson, Gary Morgan, Bonnie Morgan, Molly Morgan, Aaron Jacobs, Star Foreman, Patricia Arquette, Brecken Meyer, Mikki Gunter, Catherine Madinger, Susana Gutierrez, Lee Edwards, Merce Chavez, Wendy Waagenaar, Michael Gonzales, Bobby Almon, Jack Yang, Drew Murphy, Andrea Marie, John R. Greenwood, Sandra Rozar, Bryan Lovell, Melissa Lovell, Jessica Guillen, Joe Alcala, Perry Ash, Count Smokula, Markuss Hill, Kaitlin Chin, Sophia A Balentine, Clive Hawkins, Fauxy Fox, Hanna Longdo, Laurie Fairbanks, Serendipity Whippo, Santiago Tynker, Rebekah Tynker, Elijah Tynker Whippo, Shayn Mitchell, Olli Majoi, Angelique Rockwood, Meadbh The-Boss, Kansas Johnson, Nathan Smythe, Alyssa Van Veldhuizen Smythe, Sherry Cullum-Frye, Shannon Hoage, Christopher Hoage, Tyler William Milliron, Michael Burian, Marcie Gonzalez, Jim Pool, Joe Foley, MichaelLozich, Dwain Linden, Clarence Alford, Carol Alford, Debora Suterko and all our dear friends at the Faire.

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Masquerade Dreams - BobbyLove.Fashion

It is with great pleasure to announce the World Premiere of this euphoric BobbyLove.Fashion’s New Year's Eve video “Masquerade Dreams”, a celebration of the spectacular Masquerade Balls and their stunningly dressed participants whom I have the pleasure to get to know and love. May your cup be overflowing with joy, happiness, courage and laughter in 2017. All my love. Sing Sing Sing performed by the fab Lee Presson and the nails. Bobby

Posted by BobbyLove.Fashion on Friday, December 30, 2016

Four Seasons by Bobby Love

Super stolked to announce world premiere of “4 Seasons”–an Art Nouveau BobbyLove.Fashion Video with special appearance by my beautiful family the Flying Morgans and friends. Special thanks to Gary and Suzy Morgan, Bonnie Morgan, Molly Morgan and Michelle Long/Avant Garde Magazine, Le Maire, Bobby Almon, Michael Gonzales. Photography by Kansas Johnson, Star Forman, Mark, Shannon and Christopher Hoage, Richard Michael Johnson, Christina DuPont, Deborah Ann and Gary Verholtz, Deb Leach, Isabelle Ruen, Lee Roth. Michael Burian, Jim Lee, Sam Fu Studio, Milliron Studio and Wincy Ng. Featuring "Mr. Crowley's Tango" by the fabulous Lee Presson and the Nails. Bobby Love

Posted by BobbyLove.Fashion on Monday, December 19, 2016

All You Need Is Love - BobbyLove.Fashion

So excited to announce the world premiere of BobbyLove.Fashion video "All you need is Love" of my AVANT GARDE Magazine couture runway fashion show. If you enjoy this video please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see more of my upcoming Fantastical Couture videos. A big thank you to my amazing family the Flying Morgans - Gary Morgan, Suzy Morgan, Bonnie Morgan, Molly Morgan, Aaron Jacobs, and Michelle Long, Sue Wong, Le Maire, Michelle Yoo, Janine Riemer, Kelly Thorpe, Richard Michael Johnson, Christina A. Zankowski DuPont, Destenee Mckenzie, Noemi Torres, Merlin Castell, Lee Presson, Wayne Moore, Joe, Wincy Ng, Z. Thomas, Jane Clark, Bob Tourtellotte, Sam Fu, Deborah Ann and Gary Verholtz, Charly Chen, Steve Manivong, Isabelle Ruen, Jim Lee, Milliron Studio, Peter Diamond, Bob Shepard, Mark Hoage, Christopher Hoage, Shannon Hoage, Adele Satori and Duke Madding Hatterton for your support and making this SPECTACULAR show another moment that takes my breath away. Love and Gratitude. Bobby Love

Posted by BobbyLove.Fashion on Monday, November 28, 2016